King and Queen dancing ,throne swaying

Black leaf,black flower,blind mind

Of course I saw the black-caped Batman

Softness all round the edges smoothened by darkness

Glittering,dazzling,colourful people have left

The enchanting music has been throttled to death

Dracula has bared his black fangs

Gigantic black hippo has opened its cavernous jaw

Silence,peace no loud disturbing cacophony

Another time,another place has merged into tonight

Memories of yesteryears .. the lazy,carefree time

Living with dreams of becoming a who's who

Today I'm available for a dollar or two

Thinking of the veiled colours,fragrant showers

Muddy puddles on downtown streets

Kerosene lamp's acrid black smoke

Power failure feels like my future's gone broke

Bring back my mind's tune ,free me from the yoke!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A few words written just after a power cut.Very frustrating.. but mind gets refreshed.

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