I want to mingle in the gentle wind and float

Kiss the blades of grass moist with morning dew

Up up into the wise clouds I shall rise

Cling onto them and travel o'er the greens

When my heart is heavy I'd like to swim

In the cool,green-blue ocean depths

I shall douse my weary mind and tired body

In the glow of the orange sun of the morn

Naked,I shall sit comfy on the greens

Look up to marvel at the new day born

Where is the calm ? where is the balm ?

Some wishful thinking can do no harm !

Give me back my baby day's eyes

The virgin soul free from all things wise

Time has passed... my eyes have dimmed

I'm the same baby in another disguise

Knowledge I have none of the years of the past

I hope to remain the wondrous baby till I breathe my last !


Author's Notes/Comments: 

These words were stringed in my scrapbook 6 years ago. 

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