Rat Race

Billions running.. chasing after money

The Big Bang Theory.. the birth of the stars

Men are fighting men even after two World Wars

The rock hard frigid poles have begun to melt

Human hearts will never ever melt

Will a billion hearts ache for that one who is awake

Seeing silently the blunders --- plastic nanochips

Humane hearts have stopped being born

One piece here and there are looked upon with scorn

They value the language of the heart and soul

Does it really matter if we bat or bowl ?

The big game is on.. which side shall win ?

To kill in battle I ask.. is it a sin ?

Games are to be played enjoyed-- win or lose

If you fatigue call the Umpire he'll unfasten your shoes.

© Bishwanath Mukherjee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the last line the umpire will unfasten your shoes means he will set you free from the "Game" Just a fleeting thought.. not much to it. No seriousness.

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