Joy Uncouth

Upon a time in the thaw of the common

Lay a woman with a waft of fragrance abiding by her side.

Her tresses all blown astray and a quiver on her lips

A sneeze upon her head and nose that was red

She shimmied as she walked

Her long hair barely able to keep with her mane

She stood as the wind bellowed beneath her

Her heart all wild while she awaited the coming

She was a gentle soul, who made things wonderous

Her smile whipped a stream of joy to all around.

Lost like a deer in the brilliance of a flash

She wondered where life would lead her, but didn?t care

She haunted the credence of what could become

Every moment spent beside her is a caress of the wind

Perched on her lips is a tremulous smile, forever.

In her strength I draw vigour, in her presence, comfort

She has the strength of an ox when provoked

The outward calm belies a tumult within

The cheeriness lays a mind of satire

The wild kindled, yet the fear of being drawn

She stands upon the hearth and yet visits neverland

All around her she sees and deciphers much

Some that encompass life and some that encounter it

Here journey is endless, her destination fruitful

Upon this earth she stands and stares

Somewhere in the distance the setting sun beckons

In the horizon a speck of clear sky in a shepherd?s evening

Orange as the pale of time and yet so obviously clear to her

She stepped on the sands of my heart and it pales to her haze

Oblivious to her, I stand in the shadows, she cheers me on

Happiness is not what she seeks, but a peace ever becoming

Strange she feels so sad, as if the dying day is the bequeathing of her scepter

She watches and as the soles of her feet touch the glow of the moonlight

Her heart flutters, she stands still, somewhere in the distance she sees life

Full of vive and joy, full of incandescent frivolousness

Somehow within her reach, but some how so far, far away

She gives joy to whatever she touches, wherever she maybe

Yet a small flutter tugs at her heart. She wants to be a bird

Sail the skies like they do and yet fell contented for all she is

Pristine, tumultuous, horrendously emotional and taut

Yet the bright shine has never abandoned her serenity

And my heart flutters once more as I saw her face again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was just as an afterthought. Well a much bigger afterthought.I wanted expression and this is what I could find

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