On a lonely night, in my dark room

The disturbance in my head drove me wild.

The news I heard this morning, woke me up

Never thought about my future, but now its time to grow up.

So I put on my Burlington Coat Factory suit,

And walk on into the real world.

Here I am at the start point, looking at the maze

Which way should I go?

So I close my eyes and spin around.

Not knowing where I am headed.

My right eye peeked, and there I stood,

A mouse and an Elephant

The mountains and I took a peek at each other

Before we began to battle.

I imagined being on the mountain,

Climbing it all the way to get out.

I blinked, and there I was five-hundred ft above land,

In the middle of the mountain it seemed.

My right leg rose and I began to climb.

Everything that I had failed in life,

Flashed beneath my body,

I was so close to reach the top of the mountain,

But my body stopped and I started to shake,

The memories stopped, and all I could see now is my future,

Failing once again.

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