My Father's Sunglasses

Some people might find sunglasses as part of an outfit but that thought is not for all. My father is one of those people who doesn’t care about style, except for his sunglasses. Every day from every year since I have memory my father had a crazy feeling whenever he didn’t have his sunglasses on, “where are my shades?” he said. He may just like to look great but he won’t even go outside if he doesn’t have them on. Even in those few cloudy days he wore them, no excuses. Once, he told me how hard it was for him to find them as he wanted the same style, same brand and same color of his father’s sunglasses. They are pitch black with the shape of a pecan. Many people don’t like them, I don’t, but who am I to break his heart? I still don’t know how he’s managed to keep them impeccable and haven’t lost them as he’s a clumsy person. I get memories of birthday parties, office meetings and road trips and each one of them has him with his shades on. My father loves to make road trips, I remember that the day before we traveled we (his children) had to make sure to clean them with a special cloth, we took turns each time but it always looked like a ritual. But whenever something great happened at the office or if he was just too happy, he took his sunglasses off and that’s when he showed his true self, with a wider smile and greener eyes, it’s like he’s another man. His sunglasses are always in his car, but every time he looks for them they never seem to be found. Sometimes there were special or elegant events where he was supposed to leave his sunglasses in the car but he chose to put them in his pocket. Many people recall those glasses, he wears them all the time, excepting when he’s at home. Some people doesn’t know him without his sunglasses and find this behavior kind of weird, but he didn’t really care of what others think of him and by the time being, he keeps wearing them. My father’s sunglasses may be of no use but he treats them like a treasure. Nevertheless, my mom says that what she likes the most about my father are his eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem which talks about the past and how it makes part of our personality, I took my father as an example because I admire him a lot.

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