The deception

Bethzabe Anaya Rodriguez 

A morning like any other, Peter got up as usual, at the same time with the sound of the alarm, He sat in his comfortable bed that was located in the large room that was brightly lit and warm, had a very large window which gave sight to the green courtyard. After a few minutes he took a shower and managed to go to his office. Before leaving his home, he went back to his room to say goodbye to his wife, a beautiful woman with long hair and big green eyes, She was in the same pose, immersed in a while deep sleep without any disturbance. Peter liked to watch her before leaving home to take a mental picture of her during the day. He went down stairs quietly and left home. He went to his office which was in the center of the city, stopped a few miles after to buy a coffee and went on his way.
Peter thought it would be a day like any other, full of work, meetings and concerns. But never imagined that his life would change completely. At work, he began with his work as usual, signing papers, solving problems and attending meetings with staff of the company. After several hours of work, he took a break for lunch at his home with his wife. Upon returning home he found his wife's cell phone on the table, it was like an invitation for revision, Peter wasn’t a jealous guy and usually he do things well. But this day was different and decided to start checking messages; he found an email from a man named Carlos who was not known or familiar. While reading carefully, he prepared himself for the worst. Words and phrases like knives. He could not believe it, he was in the presence of deception, of the end of a relationship and the beginning of another. It was becoming harder to keep watching that phone in his hands, it was painful. He wondered what should he do?, Was the only question in his mind but he did not knew the right answer.
Peter has never been a violent man but the thought of his wife cheating, he did not knew how to react to the facts, and did not care. There was so much pain in his heart and he was not thinking, and that scared him. He went to the bar looking for a drink that reassurance but it wasn’t enough.
He decided to leave home without a fixed course, he just wanted to think things through and find an answer, but he was blinded by hate, was speeding and lost control of his truck. When he awoke he was in the hospital, Pedro has had been in a coma for three days. Do not quite remember the facts; He just knew he did not want to see his wife again.
Over the months Pedro fully recovered and decided to get a divorce and start a new life.

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