Why me? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo]

It is so cold

All alone in the darkness

As you pound on me with your fists,

Day by day

I ask myself

Why me?


You call me names,

You cause me pain,

You put your fists on my face,

Day by day

I ask myself

Why me?


Am I different?

Or is my intelligence a threat?

Is it the way I dress,

Or the way I walk,

The way I talk

Why me?


What does this mean?

Why bully me?

Who are you to put your fists on me?

I ask you to stop

Before it is too late

And leave my fate in God’s hands


I get a rope,

Tie it on a tree

Far away from every living thing,

Then I sit and think

God please forgive me

But you failed to answer

Why me?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem shows what  goes through the minds of the victims of bullying. To the parents, please read the signs in your childs eyes before it is too late. I was once a victim too,but managed to turn my life around with no hope and even now I am still damaged by those events. Only one question was in my mind. Why me?

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