Why Cry For Him? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo]

He says he loves you.

But does he?

You cry for him every night,

Wishing for his touch

But has he ever told you

That he too, cries for you


Love is corrupt.

While you cry,

He mocks you with his friends,

But your tears never end.

These days the word love

Now means lust.


He may say he loves you

But instead of loving you for who you are

He loves you for what you are

Your beauty, your body

He ends up treating you like you a hobby

So why must you cry and worry?


Maybe true love does not exist

But you still believe

Honey, fairytales are not real

You brag that he is such a charmer

But one day,

You will wake up to see him with another

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a short poetry about women, who cry every night for their men.

but the truth is he never loved you from the start

so my question is. Why cry for him

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