I’m not a very provocative creature

No frills, no fanfare, no social beauty,

No remarkable wit of conversation

I tend to open cans of worms

then panic to shut them up again

I’ve not invented or performed great deeds

I’m not gifted with song

nor mastery of strings or keys


I’m not especially happy

Haven’t read War And Peace

I don’t drive my car any longer;

perhaps why I’m still alive


I’ve been naïve and gullible

But, now I see people for who they are

I’m easily offended; take everything to heart


I hold no reverence for authoritarians

or their principalities

I rebuff religions as they are taught;

demanding body and soul;

Things that were given me,

not to be handed over or sold

The angel of death lingers nearby

But she has no plans for me,

Just curiosity


I believe in impossibilities

When something is truly true for me

I smell it, deep, unmistakably

and then I eat it whole

I am not temporary

I am everlasting

I fear things of little importance

But, that is just my ego crying

and for me of no real consequence


I no longer misunderstand the Great Transformation

I know I’ll welcome it when first it tingles my toes

and frees me of pointless obligations

I look at faces and talk to faces

that will remain  when I am moved on


In the meantime I fill up pages

with deliberately placed words

in the hopes of leaving a trail of crumbs

for my next life to lead me back to myself

……And remember

(c)2010From: Shaking Hands


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