Wild Flowers.



  Wild Flowers.




A delightful surprise awaited me as I went to the clearing by the old oak. As far as the eye could see all was a lovely violet colour. A Fairy flew to me and asked me if I was pleased with all of the violets. I told her that I was delighted with the small exquisite flowers. She then told me that one of the Fairies had overheard that I said I liked the blue flowers and they had all concentrated on the clearing to fill it with violets. I said, “I hate to correct you but the blue flowers that I meant were the lovely blue corn flowers, but thank you all kindly for giving me this lovely show of flowers.”




The fairy flew off and I settled myself down beneath the old oak tree. I dropped off into a light sleep. When I awoke I could not believe my eyes. The violets were gone and in their place were cornflowers beautiful blue cornflowers. To say I was delighted at the kindness the Fairies have shown me would be an understatement. It was not long before the birds flew by and told me that something was wrong. Cornflowers do not grow in the spring they are autumn flowers.




I picked a small bunch of the cornflowers and took them home with me. At home I half filled a glass with warm water and placed my cornflowers in the vase. The last thing I saw as I went to my bed was the cornflowers. Once again I admired them they were really beautiful. The following morning the cornflowers were gone in their stead was primroses. Primroses ranging from white through to yellow to pale reddish in colour were all over the table. The Fairies had realised their mistake or were told by the birds that cornflowers only grow in autumn and had changed my cornflowers to primroses. I was beginning to like the idea of having fresh wild flowers on my table when I got up in the morning.




The following day it was daisies, daisies wherever one looked even in small pots arranged on my tabletop. The clearing too was filled with daisies a new treat for me every day of the week. I feel highly honoured at all the attention I am getting from the Fairies. Now before going downstairs I tried to guess what flower would be next on my table. This time it was butterflies in the clearing thousands of butterflies and everywhere I looked butterflies and bees all enjoying the sweet nectar and collecting pollen from the flowers.



 What would come next was my thought at the end of each day? How long can the Fairies keep this up? A new flower for my enjoyment there must come a time when they run out of wild flowers. But no every day a new wild flower some I have never seen before. I began to wonder if the Fairies were inventing new flowers for my personal enjoyment. Then came autumn and all of the month of August well into September every day fresh blue cornflowers appeared in my vase on the tabletop. The clearing too was filled with blue cornflowers. To top it all one day toward the end of September my tabletop was filled with all of the wild flowers that had been given to me by the Fairies. It was the same as I went into Fairyland the clearing was full of wild flowers all arranged as if they had been thrown down to find their own place in the clearing. Soon after all of the Fairies and the butterflies went to the deep caves under the Himalayan Mountains. Bern

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