Patience is a virtue, posses it if you can,

Seldom in a woman never in a man.


This Title is really the start of a new story, I have no idea of how it will turn out and I make no apologies. All of my little tales are written for firstly my enjoyment and secondly for your entertainment.


Shirley Mogratis had been endowed with a large boned body. Not one of those graceful imp like creatures that sometimes one sees in Ballet. In other words she was big and fat.


Shirley’s mother was secretly afraid that her only daughter would never get married. Perhaps not even find a man. Shirley’s mother did not really know her Daughter. On the quiet Shirley was a real go-getter. If she made up her mind to do anything she did it without fear of loss.


One day John Bigolot crossed her path. John a small thin man was a happy go lucky man full of weird and wonderful ideas, ideas that he was not afraid to talk about. The two met and sparks flew between them. Soon John and Shirley were often seen together.


It was love at first sight; Shirley wanted to take John to see her mother. John was not too happy and rather shy deep down. He kept putting off the day and time to go to Shirley’s house. Shirley listened to one excuse after the other. Rather annoyed at John’s not wanting to get tied up with Shirley’s family. Shirley gave John an ultimatum. Either he visited her at her mother’s house or she did not want to see John again. John went off with his brain thinking overtime, how could he marry this lovely girl of his dreams and not meet the mother.


Shirley went off to have a little cry and sat by the telephone waiting for John to phone telling her that he was coming around to meet her mother. What with John planning and rejecting one idea after the other and Shirley sitting by the telephone that did not ring both drifted apart. John met another girl that took his fancy and Shirley met a boy at work that somehow looked like John.


Shirley was tasking no chances with this new boy she carted him off to get her Mother’s permission to marry the boy. John had in the meantime married the new girl and both John and Shirley went different ways both were blessed with children and as fate would have it they met while both families unknown to each other went for a holiday by the seaside.


Sitting in deck chairs with their respective partners were John and Shirley. Shouts from the sea caught their attention. Both thought of the children and ran to the water. John saw one head bobbing on the water and quickly swam and rescued a little boy. Shirley had seen a girl’s head and swam out and rescued the little girl.


The two met with the two rescued children. Shirley had rescued John’s little girl and John, Shirley’s little boy. Both were surprised at meeting like this after all this time. Sending the two rescued children back to their respective partners to dry themselves and to dress. Both were told that there would be no more swimming this day.


The two John and Shirley looked at each other and John Blurted out, if only you had a little more patience they would have been our two children that we rescued to day. Shirley called out don’t be daft they are our children aren’t they? Why wouldn’t you want to see my mother when we went together? I thought that your Mother would be big and let us face it quite plump; I couldn’t face two such big women every day.


Why did you marry another man you had no patience it was only a month or so that I heard that you had married. That is why I went off and got married. I left the two arguing on the beach. I leave it up to your imagination what happens next, Will they get together again? Were the rescued children really theirs? Not in a court of law I think. Would you put them together if it were possible without any one getting hurt?








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