Angel Talk?

Bern's Prose.

Angel Talk?


The summer is coming to an end, I thought to myself it is now up to you to enjoy the last days of sunshine before the winter sets in. I walked into the park admiring the flowers that some very clever gardeners had planted for me to enjoy.


The wooden park seat invited me to sit and rest for a while. The warm sunshine shining onto my face was the signal for me to close my eyes and let the warmth soak into my skin.


I did not notice the man that now occupied part of the park bench. He had come so silently that he did not disturb me or my little doze in the park. Time I think for me to speak with you, the white haired man was speaking to me. Normally I keep myself to myself I have always had a certain mistrust of strangers that want to get too familiar with me. One never knows.


You have come a long way and the end is coming as it does for each and every Human. I now looked long at this white haired man; I could not even guess how old he could be, he had one of those faces that made one feel comfortable and at home with straight away.


My end is coming; why stranger that is not news. I have known for a long time now that this period is coming to an end. It is the next period that awaits me that interests me more than anything else.

This old body has served me in good stead for eighty odd years. I have no complaints my brain is still functioning and I am breathing quite steady. No, no complaints.


I have been sent to prepare you for the next step on your way through time and eternity. I have this feeling that, that what I have to say is of very little interest to you, Am I right in thinking this?


Yes I replied you are a stranger that looks as if he is honest but for a stranger to give me advice for my next steps on the way through time and eternity. I am I’m afraid not very impressed. Who are you? You say that you were sent. Who sent you and why me?


The man spoke again, I am an Angel, an Angel whose messages are seldom understood or even taken notice of. Are you going to be one of those that will not listen? Or will you be the exception? Now I smiled and started to tell this so-called Angel that I had no need for any advice that he or some other might have wanted me to know. I will take each and every phase of whatever is sent my way as it comes.


The white haired man gave me a sad look and disappeared before I could ask him not to leave me.


This is a warning to all; if a white haired man with an exceptionally honest looking face approaches you, Please listen to what he has to say. I now have a thousand regrets that I did not listen, but then I was always a fool where Strangers are concerned.





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