Mistaken Identity.

Mistaken Identity.




Did I see you in the Dance Hall the other evening. I could have sworn it was you. That Blond Beauty that you were dancing with looked a very nice young woman. Your not thinking of getting married are you?




I never go Dancing, I have got two left feet and would only make a bigger fool of myself than I do normally. No, definitely no Dance Halls and sadly no Blond Beauty to lighten up my dark evenings.




Strange You must have a double in town you want to watch out that he does not do any thing silly that you could be blamed for. You are sure you was not at that Dance Hall I could have sworn it was you. That old green Jacket that your Father left you and those brown moleskin trousers. You do not have to play hide and seek with me you know. If it is to be a secret then you know I can keep a secret as well as the next man. Come on tell me the truth you were in the Dance Hall with that ravishing Blond young Beauty were you not.




For the last time I was not in any Dance Hall, I do not know any blonds, beatiful or not. Definitely no blondes. You know you must have a double, I would keep my eyes open if I were you. Some strange things happen around town at this time of the year.




For the last time I was not at that stupid Dance Hall, I do not know any blond women so do me a favour do not keep on about it. All right, All right keep your shirt on you do not have to play the Bully boy with me you know. As I said earlier if it is to be kept secret then as you know. I'm your man.




He will not speak to me any more says that I am trying to tie him up with a strange Blond Woman, What a Jerk if he goes off dancing and keeps it to himself, well it is nothing to do with me. To hell with him that is what I say.






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Another figment of my imagination. Bern

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