The Way To The Top.

The Way To The Top.




The way to the top is an elusive phantom of primevial longings that appear in man's brain. Some times the longings are prenatal born of the Mothers Brain, passed on to the child. If the child succeeds the Mother hopes to benefit from the longings implanted into the child's embryo mind.




Many Mothers are disapointed when their young show no signs of ever getting to the top. Other children are then born in the hope that one yes one of them will become a means of helping the Mother. Is the prenatal longing of the Mother too weak or is the brain of the child not physically able to satisfy the Mothers residual longing.




Why is it that some children are not able to keep up with the simple lessons taught at schools while others who have miserably failed to pass school exams become multi millionaires? Do these Multi Millionaires thank their parental elders for putting the longing into their childish minds.




I am one of those that have tried to reach the top, I sadly have not succeeded. Many are the silly impedances that have stopped me. One, money that burns a hole in ones pocket. I was never able to conquer this and the result I never brought a bank balance together. Another I enjoyed my cigarettes. Here the Governments over the years have increased the tax on tobaccos that even now most of my pocket money is wasted on smoke rings blown from a dissatisfied mouth.




Do I blame my Mother for my not accepting that primeavial longing that she tried to pass down to me and I strongly suspect to my Brothers and Sisters. No the longings are in all Mothers, placed there by some twist of fate to try to keep all well nourished.




Have you, yourself reached the top? I strongly doubt it, if you had you would not be reading this nonsense that flows so freely from my keyboard. Even my screen is blushing at my cheek writing such rubbish. Mind you if you have read this far then perhaps I am on the way to the top. My only question is to the top of where?


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