Heavenly Chorus.

Heavenly Chorus.


Was it my imagination or did the birds start their dawn chorus early this morning? I awoke to the amazing strains of hundreds of voices singing a morning ritual heard down through the ages. I ask myself is this morning invitation only for me or am I being greedy? How many are privileged to hear these wondrous refrains from so many throats that greet the new day with such enthusiasm.


Why is it that I get such a thrill from this chorus of songsters singing praises to some unknown being that perhaps only they are privileged to see? I ask myself again and again who starts off this grand symphony, this masterpiece that all may hear. No expenses to be paid. No extra seating for large audiences that go to see opera and operettas this is music for all to hear.


These huge collections of artists never have to spend hours practising. At some unknown given signal their music is heard by all that are early risers and yes even those that for some reason have not slept during the night. All are invited to listen to a music that not even the world’s most famous musicians have been able to copy or even put down in notes on sheets of music for an orchestra to try and copy this heavenly music.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Natures gift to the human race.

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