Strange Journey.

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Strange Journey.


The train stopped after the train’s engine had given off a loud whistle. I opened the carriage window and saw people jumping down from the open doors of the carriages. I am not easily frightened but there was something uncanny about seeing all these people running away from the train. It was as if the Devil himself was after them. The whistle blew twice again and I decided that something must be terribly wrong. I did not jump from the open door of the carriage but walked quietly step by step until I was standing on firm ground. I walked away from the train then I felt the earth under my feet. My feet registered the shaking of the earth. Looking back to the train I watched as the earth opened up and the train completely dropped away out of my sight. Now I too threw all caution to the winds and took to my heels. I have never before run so fast in my life. Quick glances showed me that the earth seemed to sinking into itself.


Thankfully I reached high ground and stood watching the opening ground behind me. The explosion when it came was no surprise to me. The engine was automatically being fed with coal and the boiler producing the steam exploded. Nature was kind for as I watched the open ground slowly moved in on itself soon there was no gap to be seen. A complete section of the main line train to Scotland had vanished with no evidence to show that there had ever been a railway line. I even walked back the way I had come. Keeping careful watch to see whether any more movement would come from the earth. Nothing happened and I found myself on one of the roads that led to Scotland. At the next town I entered the Police station and reported what I had lived through. Four Police cars sped off to see whether my story was true. One could hardly blame the Police for not believing what I had reported after all sections of railway lines and a complete train do not disappear or sink under the ground. I now had a long wait. The police cars returned and I was asked if I would like to be taken by Police car to Newcastle there I could board a local train that would take me over the Scottish border.


I never read anything about this train disappearing nothing on the television, nothing on the radio and not a word in any newspaper. The British Government had hushed up the whole event. I decided not to say a word of what had happened to me and the rest of the trains passengers not to mention the two men driving the train and the Conductor responsible for the passengers I have only not told you about this for I think it is my duty as scribbler Bern to let you know what happened all of those years ago.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a story from my imagination. It is not a true story Bern

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