Who Is Dafter? He or Me?

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Who’s Dafter? Him or Me?




I am not going to ask you really who is dafter, He cannot help what he says and does, but I can. That is you know the difference. I am not even going to tell you his ideas on life in general and that is because I think he has none, or at least none worth mentioning. I feel sorry for him, you would too if you were to get to know him. No he is not in any way sexually perverted. Girls or young women do not seem to have interested him up until now. Let us hope it stays that way.




Was he always like this? The answer is yes ever since I have known him he has this deficiency nothing really serious though he does not need to be locked away for the safety of the General Public. Mind you there are many that think he should be kept behind containing walls and Bars. The only bars that would even have the chance to contain him would be those bars that sell alcoholic drinks.




You think I am too hard on him, I can hear you say poor fellow cannot he be helped? Oh! Yes he can be helped but that too is forbidden in most countries of this planet Earth. I even put it to you could or better would you be able to lead him to the Gallows with his eyes blindfolded. Could you place the noose around his neck and what about pulling the lever that causes the trap door to fall leaving him dangling at the end of a rope. Now seriously could or would you be able to help this creature that was obviously born without any brains. No of course you couldn’t only a very few could have taken on this what was known as a Job of work. The last that held this position was I believe a man called Pierpoint I once saw a photo of this person in one of the local papers. Dressed like an ordinary man, he carried an umbrella and if this reporter had not photographed him you could have passed him on the street without being upset that this man was responsible for so many sentences of death being carried out to the exact letter of the Law.




Nowadays thank goodness there are no such Laws in civilised countries so the man whom I asked was he dafter than me is safe enough. You think that I have overburdened you with my question? I do not think so after all you know nothing about me. What if I was really the daft one and it was I myself that was continually aggravating the man I call daft. How would you judge me? I hope that not one of you ever has to judge whether he or I am the daftest, it could even be that we are both daft how would you be able to tell, have you studied medicine? Have you ever been taught all that a psychiatrist has to know and give his opinion on if necessary to a court of Law as to whether just one or both of us are as nutty as fruitcakes? Now I hope that I the scribbler have not posed too difficult a question for you all to answer after all this is really a Hypothetical Question and I have swallowed a Dictionary when I was younger, so do not take this piece of nonsense seriously from Bern your scribbler.








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