Baraka Bashad.


Baraka-Bashad, May the Blessings be,
A life force throughout Eternity.
Renewing forces of Dynamic Love,
Given to Mankind from Him above.
A gift of Psychic Potential Drive,
That Man's cosmic soul shall survive.
We are a part of Infinite whole.
Toiling together towards that great goal.
One Life, One thousand, Who can say,
All are waiting for this embryonic day.
So let that shine of Heavenly Blue,
Regenerate strength once more anew.
For Life's forces are not yet spent,
Perhaps another tunnel before you relent.
One day we know with all our heart,
That we, from Earth's ties, must part.
To live in peace with the universe,
Never again life's bitterness to curse.
We've played many a role on this life's stage,
Reincarnating into every age.
Cosmic force our debts are not yet paid,
The yearnings in birth, a thousand times remade.
Let there be an end to our dire need,
Don't let us, forevermore plead.
Is not our place in that eternal college,
A tiny mote in your great knowledge.
A process of learning in the university of life.
Perhaps finished, with this our last strife.
A LIFE FORCE, throughout Eternity.

Bernard Shaw.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my Bother Charles who told me of this new religion that he now belongs to. Bern

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