A Dream.

A Dream.




I dreamt I saw an Angel sitting by my bed,


My first thought was, now I suppose I am dead.


The Angel smiled looked me closely in the eyes,


Bern am I really such a big surprise?




What does one say to an Angel sitting by ones bed,


I thought Angels only come when one is really dead,


Angels are all around you every single day,


They watch over each one both by night and by day.




I have come to show you that Angels are part of your life,


You have sadly ignored us and led a life of strife.


There is still time to walk the paths of love,


It is then that I will show you the way to the heavenly dove.




My Angel then left me, I felt most unusually sad.


Determined to mend my ways no more the bad.


When will she come to take me by the hand?


Lead me to that special promised land.












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