A current event

They say that you should watch the skies,

Something really weird could happen…

But put away that telescope I have a better solution,

Keep your beady eye on current events,

There is gonna be an execution.

No time has really been set but the date you know is nigh,

A message board has failed reprieve

And it is has got to die.

Its crime is not well known

In fact you would have to ask,

Why indeed this verdict

Why was it taken to task…

No one really knows, but there are some who really cares,

But they are afraid to lift a voice

In case there asked upstairs.

For if you meet the Eds,

You know that you must fear..

For certain points of view are frowned

Your account could disappear.

So we sit and wait, for who knows who could be next,

For cyberspace is strange, no wonder we feel perplexed,

But as we sit on nerves, and pray we don"'"t lament,

I have posted this on the wrong board,

It is a Current Event!

But I am scared to look, what if it is not there,

Then I get the call..

To visit the Captains chair


Just disregard this post, I don"t know anyone

I have never heard or spoken to

A soul since this begun,

I admit to knowing some that could give you some trouble

But my thoughts they are not theirs,

Forgive me and my shame.

Of course I"d gladly help

Let me right down all their names..

This poem of course it jokes,

About a current affair

But don"'"t it make you think

About this world we share.

Comparisons are many,

But I think I"ll keep it light  

The last thing that I want..

Well, is a flame that could ignite.

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