The Big Ugly Troll.

The big ugly troll

The big ugly troll stood hunched

At the top of this very page

Its thick mind tried to contemplate

Where to start the mischief

Its brain tried hard to gage.

A big bag of red

Was tied to its waist

Ready to be thrown about

And I mean now post haste.

Inside its head

Were many friends,

To many to recount

All were there to help out

Through multiple accounts

You should never feed a Troll,

But they set you up for a fall

All they ever do is bawl,

Then lie amongst the wreckage

All numbskull and a sprawl

But they still do pass,

Soon are on their way,

Gone but not forgotten

Somewhere else to play.

Why is a good question,

They have not much to say

But I tell ya this

They should be on Childs play.

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