Cheers Grandpa.

Thoughts of wisdom.

Now grandpa was a guy

A man I held up high

Everything he told me

I knew it was no lie.

All those facts he told

While lying in his bed

Waiting for his God

To claim that he was dead.

I was twelve years old

As green as green can be

But Grandpa always said

That I could see and see.

The stories that he told,

His good one liners too

They opened up my mind

I knew that they were true.

Do you want to know

What he would converse?

Like that backward poet

He always writes inverse.

He would often say

“you are like me son,

Just like an acupuncture

A good jab well done!”

Did I know that camels

Could always find an oasis?

Like Bakers only trade a recipe

On a knead to know basis.

Sometimes you carry stress

Until you feel encumbered,

But just you watch this space

A calendars days are numbered.

There are those that seem quite lucky

But they bloody cheat.

Just you think of this

A boiled egg is hard to beat.

Never go for credit

No matter how well dressed,

For like the Exorcist

It will end up repossessed.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It did cause a commotion,

The silly bird was oiled

A poultry in motion.

Oh, see at Xmas time

You think that time it pauses,

But watch those Santa’s helpers

There only subordinate little clauses.

As for shopping centres

I know that they do sprawl

But once you’ve  seen a big one,

I think you have seen a Mall

Never be a thief

Or take a quick backhander

You’ll  end up with twelve months

Just like a calendar.

Grandpa he liked baseball

And going to the gym

That baseballs getting bigger

Then the ball hit him!

When it  comes to writing

Don’t  get in a mess,

To write with broken pencil

It really is quite pointless.

His last conversation it really was profound

Before he climbed Gods steps,

He said “Son,

Go get my Gin and Schweppes,

Appreciate the time you have

It is only Manana,

For Time flies like an Arrow

But fruit flies like a Banana.

Cheers Grandpa.

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