I Do Drown

You always said you’d care

Even when you weren’t there

But when I needed you, you disappeared

Doing exactly what I feared

The thing you said you would never do

Now I can barely stand to look at you

For you have hurt me like none before

All I can do is lay on the floor

And look up as the fan spins above

For my heart was once filled with love

But now lays in pieces in my chest

I try to shut my eyes, to get some rest

But the nightmares come in so quick

It turns my stomach and makes me sick

So I can not sleep due to the pain

As if caught in an eternal rain

And as the drops fall onto my shattered heart

I realize that I have fallen apart

Cause you are the glue that held me together

Now I let you float in the wind, like a feather

Hoping to never see you again

No matter how long it’s been

For I never thought it could hurt this bad

And realize I could be this sad

So I try to get up and fall back down

In my own misery, I do drown

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The loss of love can hurt you so

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