No Longer There

What do you do when you know it’s going to end?

Nothing in life left to defend

All the love that was there from the start

Left, flew from the heart

And everything you once held dear

Has been taken over and consumed by fear

And all that were once close to you

Now stand far from the things you do

So you just turn and walk away

When all you want to do is stay

But instead you found a place to hide

So you can self destruct from the inside

So far away, your loved ones, you have pushed

And when all tried to talk, all you did was shush

To keep them far from your head

So you can lie there, and feel as if you were dead

Cause that’s all you want to be

A hole in the ground, with a gravestone for all to see

So you put the knife to your wrist

And clenched you hand into a fist

Now you pull the knife and feel the pain

Knowing yourself, you have slain

And there is no turning back from the dark

No more journey, left to embark

Only the darkness of your mind

Take your life to see what you’ll find

But instead you just hurt all who care

Cause the one they loved is no longer there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is it worth it in the end?

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