To The Side (Pain Grows Greater)

Feel like I’ve been thrown to the side

Told you it didn’t hurt but I lied

For the pain grows greater every day

Keep talking to you, just to find the right words to say

But the words never seem to reach my lips

As all the blood leaves my finger tips

And rushes straight back to my heart

I know I was told not to get attached from the start

But my heart just couldn’t resist

From the first moment that we ever kissed

But now I have fallen to second rate

I should have seen this as our fate

But my heart blinded me from seeing all that was real

It only let me see what I wanted to feel

So now you say goodbye and leave me for another man

I try to smile and say it will be all right, and that I’ll help when I can

But it’s hard when all I wanted was your love

And no matter who you’re with, it is you I dream of

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you are told not to fall in love but you do anyway

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