Fire is the devil’s game

Playing with fortune and with fame

Making friends for his fight

While heaven fights for all its might

But heaven falls in some men

Another fight lost with a passing trend

For as the clocks tick away

Hell’s dominance becomes a mainstay

And the battleground called earth takes the fall

It hits the streets, schools, even the mall

For a war has befallen a place with secret teams

There are no guns or laser beams

We are all involved but do not know

Cause this war was started long ago

The pages of time do not recall the event

But with every invention we invent

New souls are brought to the field of play

Hundreds of warriors, day by day

Some with heaven, good and just

While others bargain with satan, so it’s a must

And some change sides with a quick reaction or thought

While others, to their side they must be brought

For this war will last for an eternity

Cause the ground is inside you and me

So as the future brings a war to new grounds

Where will your soul be found?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The war between good and evil rages on

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