Die In Fear

What do you say when you have lost your love

Seeing the red in the white dove

For you can feel the cut as it bleeds

Begging the soul that love feeds

For the words no longer come to voice

It’s just hard to find the right choice

For the words you do say come out wrong

They seem to drag on and become way to long

So you keep them in, till you make some sense

And they can come out not so tense

With a smoother sound and tone

While feeling the world has left you alone

For you have seen that love can die

No matter how long and hard you try

For you can’t give up this hopeless fight

Still blinded by the broken light

For the dove continues to bleed like the soul

Both have taken a heavy toll

And you realize there is no way to save what you hold dear

The dove and the soul die in fear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes love dies

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