Self Realization -- 3.2.2010

For Good

you think youre so great

     well i've got news for you

your not

     you say i'm being controlled

that i don't make my own decisions

     i've gone downhill

and i'm not me anymore

     how dare you, who is it you think you are?


     take a look behind you

and check the damage

     that always ensues

whenever you enter the room

     i am me

the only person controlling me in my life is you

     i make my own decisions

and as faar as going downhill?

     well you're the ONLY one who seems to think so

so don't bitch at me

     because what you see

is 100% me

     accept it or don't

i honestly don't care

     but word to the supposedly "wise"

what you don't like in others

     is a direct reflection

to what you don't like in yourself

     those same people

that you attract to you

     happen to be just like you

for you attract what you are

     so next time you open your mouth

to express the distaste you have

     for someone else

just stop and think

     what you don't like in you

that you see in them?

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