Exhaustion, Fear, Or Usless Blabber

Sitting here shaking

Cause I forgot to think of you.

Sitting here listening

to the sound of my own breath

wishing that ghastly sound would stop,

because yours almost did...

I feel utterly terrible

cause time slipped right by me,

not once but twice...

Am I mentally sane?..

I wish I had a pack of cigarettes..

That way I could possiblely smoke quiet a few,

Get sick and throw up and cry.

I know now I'm not an angel,

because I forgot to stop

and think of you...

And think if you were worried

or possiblely even hurt...

or worse...

and if worse would have happened..

I'd have never known...

Now; I don't even know if I'm worth it...

because I lose track of time..

I want to cut..feel the burn prickle

a top of my skin and watch

what emotion looks like..

I'm sorry won't cut it..

or perhaps it will..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry won't cut it..you might as well stay away..since I let time fly by without a thought..All I do is hurt people by not being there for them when they need it most..

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