Wasteful wishes

Wasteful wishes and dauntless dreams
A hell created from ones own mind.


Whispers escaping from repressed memories,
A covenant made to never disappear.
But isolated in the dark is where these secrets lie,
Emotions spilling out like words in a novel.


Shattered dreams and unsettled wishes
Spiraling into that of an abyss


A quondam path dashed and divided
like shards of a cracked reflection
Broken mirrors covering stained walls
Creating illusions of false reality.


Imitated wishes and erroneous dreams
Darkness consumes the remains of desire.


Demons created from one’s own reality
creep in possessing that of surviving sanity
Decomposing reconciles of pleasure
with love adrift in this sea of shadows.


Dauntless dreams and wasteful wishes,
A nightmare conceived within one’s memory.


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