A young girl of 18

Surrounded by a sky full of stars
A young girl of only 18 -
One who’s too old to die
But too young to live.
A mask forms with each passing memory
A form of who she once was;
It Fills now with tears of all the years she’s lived based on broken dreams.
Her sight goes blurred
She’s drowning; slowly - alone.
She holds her breath and prepares for the bitter cold of reality to consume her.
Stars die young but their light still shines, kissing the earth
This once bright flame is long gone out with nothing but smoke.
Through the smoke her light still shines bright on the outside
Slowly fading away with the smile once worn so proudly
Time is your only friend
Until it works against you
Adulthood stares her in the eyes with a bloody dagger swinging
A gasp escapes -
she finds herself falling into a hopeless world of nightmares and fears
She was a dream catcher
But all she caught was nightmares
Caught in a universe of her own.
Friends come to greet this young girl of only 18
But find only a blank gaze
Day dreaming is her passion - so they believe
But in those eyes of blue
She swims in a sea of people loved and lost.
Happiness never more.
Floating in a sky made of stars
A young girl of only 18
Too old to try
And too young to know.


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