in the dream

as i was sleeping
i had a queer dream
of alleys and hallways
all so nice and trim
as i glided i saw my reflection
upon the tiled floor
and to my surprise
i didn't look how i really do
my skin had turn to perfection
not a single flaw
my mind didnt recognize me
how had i become so pure
almost too nice to view
was this me, it cant be
and in my amazement
i stopped my gazing to cry
and in my amazement
i seemed to miss
all the people
they all lie
beauty isn't a gift but a plague
because as i walked i looked behind me
and all i saw was how i felt inside
the walls had grime
and graffiti with language so foul
and plastered all along the tiles
was the words
the ones that i dare not repeat
the ones i say so carelessly
to the people i couldn't know less
words used to sting and fester all the hate inside
and then i woke
got out of bed and walked to see
my horrid face in the mirror
with all gods mistakes
and all my past actions
carved into my flesh
and i went back to sleep thinking
just how much the ugly are blessed.

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