The Worm

The worm crawled out the ground,

And started slithering around.

A slither slither here.

A slither slither there.

A slither slither everywhere.

Eeck, Eeck !!

Said the people .

Who saw the worm,

Slithering around.

A stomp stomp here.

A stomp stomp there,

A stomp stomp everywhere !!

You must be strong ,

Said I  to the worm,

To get stompped on,

Such as that !!

I'm not strong,

I'm weak.

Said the worm.

That's why they they stomp on me !!

That's truly sad, a pity, brings a tear to my eye.

Said I.

You should be stronger

Fight for your rights !!

Be someone to look up to.

You should be more like me.

I'll be what I am

Said the worm,

Stomp Stomp

Slither, Slother

To this day,

It goes on and on.