One by one.

They bowed down,

Before the leader of the pack.

Dominus, Dominus, Dominus,

They chanted.

And took a bite on the neck.

The silent one. Bowed down like the rest ,then leaped and ripped out his thoat.

Fowl,  fowl.

They cried,

Usurper, usurper,

Knashing their teeth,

They began to circle around.

The bitches jumped in ,

And said with a grin,

He is our choice,

You will submit,

Or you will have to deal with us.

They lowered their shoulder,

As they circled around,

And talked amongst themselves.

He won't last,

A week,

A day ,

An hour.

Dominus, Dominus, Dominus,

He said.

Let's try to get along.

Lest you find out,

Why I'm standing where I am.