Wolf Who Eats, Man Who Keeps

Of the seed of corn

We desire only the core

So to extract the seed's core

Is no more unfair

Than the wolf that eats

Only the meats

Off one's bones


So then

Suppose the wolf could use the bone as weapon

To preserve all he can, like a Native American

Should the wolf spear his next meal

Or is the very question

No more a moral decision

Than to eat or be eaten

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah basically im trying to get across some sort of philosphy that it does not matter of what we decide we want, there are things we need, and of those things we need, it is within our power to take them. Just because the wolf can't use a bone to spear more meat, does not mean he wouldn't, if he could.


So who is the wolf, is it man? the man who remains steadily doing less than he could, and continuing to struggle, just to struggle again?

well, thank you if you've read this

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