Spreading Happiness

Spreading the Happiness




It was a bright and sunny morning at Monterrey, México as a guy woke up genuinely happy and decided that it was selfish to keep it all to himself, so, he was determined to spread his happiness with others. After debating ideas on how to spread his joy he settled with giving out chocolates that contained motivational and cheerful phrases to anyone who he came in contact with the purpose of lighting up anyone’s day.




He went to his University and gave out the chocolates to anyone who he saw, between classes, on his free time and during classes. Everyone was receiving the chocolates with smiles and gratitude. Their eyes even shone a little bit in response to this guy’s genuine happiness.




It was still morning when he was walking down the halls of the university when he came across another guy. He was wearing a black hoodie with dark jeans and was walking looking at the floor, but that didn’t stop the cheerful man, like with any other person, he surprised the guy and gave him a chocolate. The guy looked at the chocolate and the phrase for a few seconds, he then turned to face the happy guy with a disgusted face and thrusted the chocolate towards the ground and kept on walking.




The happy guy turned around towards the angry guy’s direction and hollered,




-       “Is everything okay?”




The angry man froze where he was and slowly turned around,


-       “That’s none of your business, is it?” he sputtered.




-       “Not exactly, but it might help to let it out, to feel a little bit relieved.”




-       “Do I look like I want to be happy?” he shot back, his voice hoarse, like if he was trying his best not to cry.




A few seconds passed as the happy man thought of how to respond.




-       “Just leave me alone.” the angry man whispered. He turned around and kept walking.




The happy guy felt hopeless and really wanted to go after him to help him out but decided that it was probably best to leave him alone and kept on giving out chocolates to other people.




As the day went by everyone was receiving the chocolates and phrases with big smiles, thanking the man.




It was almost sundown when the angry guy came looking for the cheerful fellow.




The angry guy apologized to the cheerful guy and then immediately started crying.




-       “Is everything okay?” asked the happy guy.




“Not exactly, and I’m so sorry I lashed out on you. I realized I shouldn’t be taking out my anger and sadness on other people who are trying to be nice and make the world a happier place.” Replied the guy.




“If you need anything, I can help out, just ask.”




“Thank you, I appreciate it.” He smiled and left.


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