Serious Is Not An Option

Why do you always do that?

Leave when things get rough.

Have to go when something serious comes about.

Make excuses that I know aren't worth my time.

Why do you make me feel so confused?

Do you only want me when it suits you?

If so, I can not do that.

I need to be me, and if you keep doing this, I can't.

I have a life too.

You were once in it.

You chose to be in it again.

If you want to stay in it this time, then I suggest you think.

Think really hard about your priorities.

Get your head straight.

See if I fit into your world.

Because I have another who is beckoning my call.

I have avoided answering because I am waiting on you.

I can only wait so long for you though.

It is not fair to me that you act this way.

It is not right for you to act like I should

be there even when you are not.

My tears for you will soon stop falling.

My smiles for you will soon stop coming.

My life being centered around you will soon come to an end.

Grow up, and then let me know if you still want me.

You don't answer my questions.

So vaguely do you respond to topics other than your own.

A relationship goes both ways.

Yet I feel like you don't even care.

I just can't take this attitude where serious is not an option.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

... just some thoughts written out...

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