Mr. Perfect... Could it be


Just one text from him puts a smile on my face

His arms feel like the safest place

He takes away all of my stress

Makes me feel as though I'm not a mess


No ones made me this happy in so long

With him just maybe I could belong

He is honest and seems so real

I can't calm down how I feel


He turns me on with just one touch

Makes me want him so damn much

I love running my fingers over his chest

With him I'm truly impressed


Could I have actually found a good guy

One who wont make me cry

I think maybe my luck has begun to change

Its so hard to believe it, so strange


But he makes me believe again

That maybe my life isn't filled with pain

I've found a man who makes me giggle

He's found new tickle spots to make me wiggle


He makes me laugh with such ease 

For him I'll do the best to please

I hope he's as happy as he's made me

And if not I'll make it be 


I feel luckier than I've ever felt

The best cards I've been dealt

When we are together I lose control 

I tingle right through to my soul


Just going to be happy while it lasts 

Let go completely of our pasts

simply enjoy the here and now

That is my only vow








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