Life as a mom

just thoughts

so it really sucks when you realize you are not as good of a mom as you thought you were, when your tired all the time and depressed and all you do is sit at the computer... i try so hard to deny it but inside i know he is right, i do play with my kids just not as much as i should, it just hurts. I wish my family were here everyday so my life can be what i want it to be, but that is just a dream and i need to learn to let go of it because he is never going to do what will make me happy and i tried once to move there without him but the guilt was too much my children deserve there dad and he is a good dad. i just need to really realize that this is my life and it can never be what i hope for it to be or need it.. so i need to suck it up and be a great mom again and make sure my kids know how much i love them..... I want to be the perfect mom for my kids and i need to be so badly but its hard when i feel like everything is just so messed up, still half the time i dont know why i am with their dad we fight and it upsets my son and i hate that, why should be child see that.. and my daughter is still just a baby and i want to be what i use to be for her i was perfect when i had gregory probably till i got pregnant again it takes alot of getting use to, to get back to normal and play and everything when one child turns to 2 anyways just venting 

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