Wish I hadn't


I always say, I'd never lie

But I did, about a guy

To myself, the worst of all

And now I'm taking, a huge fall

Off a cliff, one I can't deny

I just can't keep, wondering why

Was it me, or was it you

Is it all my fault, what I've gone through

Blinded only, by my heart

Thought that we, would never part

My mind had told me, other wise

Ignored it, now my heart just dies

Slowly but surely, I will regain trust

Broken all, because of lust

My pittiful heart, is almost black

All because of, what you lack

A caring heart, knowing what I deserve

You've got, some fucking nerve

Wanting me, to stay your girl

When the thought of you, makes me hurl

It hurts the most to say goodbye

But this time my mind I wont defy

So0 fuckin retarded no guy can love me

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