Once you were my everything


You lit up my life, made me believe

You were the best gift, I did receive

A friend so special, so caring and true

And so we began, to pursue

See if, we could be more

I wrote down my thoughts, analyzed all

Just to make sure, it was ok to fall

And I was right, just this one time

Every mountain, you helped me climb

You took care of me, made me strong

Made me feel that, I did belong

To you I was special, some one great

We both felt this was, our fate

You were my man, so amazingly kind

We were so inlove, with you I unwind

I had never loved, another like you

All Our time together, I'd never undo

Our last week has come to be

When all I wanted, was you with me

I really never, meant for this

But I just need, one last kiss

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