Are You My One

The others

Everyday I work my hardest, to earn more
No matter the pain, no matter how sore
I do it all, just to get ahead
But everyday it seems I fall more behind instead
He does not do what he should
He doesn't even do what he could
My dreams are important, I want more than this
I don't want my dreams to be another thing that I miss
I'm tired of the hurting and the pain
Yet somehow I still remain
Feels like I'm the one who wants more
And he just settles and ignores
If he doesn't change, I will have to leave
Because there are things in life I wish to achieve
I want a good life for my family, something great
Something we will all love and not hate

Sorry Adam everyday i get further and further and unless something changes soon i will be gone out of your life, at least at your girlfriend

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