Started Hoping You'll Stay

The others

I'm a kinda broken person

I'm sure by now you know

I worry about being hurt again

I worry you will go


I can not take the pain

Not anymore at all

Its why around myself

I built a surrounding wall


Always there to defend

The weaker parts of me

It took so long but finally 

My head and heart agree


So now it takes a while

For me to really feel

Or at least to be honest

And admit I want this to be real


Truth is, you have gotten far

You have me wanting you to stay

Honestly you have no idea

Just how hard that is to say


But I really really like you

You bring a smile to my face

Make me feel completely happy

When your near my heart starts to race


I think you really are amazing

Even though, you won't agree

You've earned my respect and more

And that never comes this easy to me




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