lay me down

Lay me down next to you and lets be

laying my head on your cheast filling your heart beat

i fill so safe yeat so scared

knowing not whut will happed

but wishing at once not to know whut will happed

hearig your heart beat is like the music to my ears

loveing to lay and not say a thing

wonting to look up and see your face

but laying still not to wake you up

my bodys so worme next to you not cold at all

closing my eyes and try to sleep

the sound of your heart makes me fall asleep

now we awake and still i lay on your cheast like i havent even move an inch

looking up at you seeing that big smile on your face

now were awake and im still laying on your cheast

you say time to get up

but i know tonight will be the same!!!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is to the man i love

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