Bitterly off Track

The path to the stars

is a journey in-deed

far is the land

that i seak

Golden streams

find the way

show me how

to start a day

wait i asked for knowledge

never attack my soul

i'm so bitter and weak

Please save my soul

so here i stand today

destoryed by the way

tied to this tree by ropes

left hanging to be the post

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I seriously have no idea about this poem.  I wrote it.. looked back and was like this doesnt make sense even to me.  My mind was wondering i guess.
But the meaning... I GUESS to me... Is that I am off the path that people normally take and im so tired of trying to fight to get back on the *right path* that im about to give up and be made an example of by those who think that im wrong.

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