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Ok so umm I think I get to talk now… WOOT I am so excited lol.  Anyway I came all the way from West by God Virginia to talk to you guys.  Most of you think that I am going to be talking about Greek gods, or Roman gods or some random religion that involves gods that you have no interest in… but im not.  I changed my mind.  I am, instead, going to be talking about how the society of the past has affected America today.  Yes, I know some of you, not mentioning any names…Bessy are thinking that it didn’t, but I am here to show you all that it in fact has.  I have researched many book and even look on that jstor thing and found startling evidence to support my cause in bringing you this information that might change you life.  According to Thomas Bulfinch, author of Stories of Gods and Heroes, “The Origin of all religion was the Egyptian culture and their beliefs were then carried over to Greek and Roman societies.”  His thoughts provide us with an interesting question; did those who came many generations before the United States shape our religion?  Yes.  Through studies of religious effects, morals of people, and studies of their living, we are able to see how ancient thoughts changed to modern day society.

     The study of ancient Gods has caused a ripple effect in the modern practices of religion.  For example when Rome was taking over all the different territories, it just conquered the countries and left them the way they were.  According to World History, Forth Edition, they did not try to change the religion, they just let them be.  This is how the many different Gods came into effect.  The Gods were recorded and became the Roman Gods.  These gods each had a specific ability.  Some controlled the rain, some provided growth and harmony, and some reaped the dead.  These ideas, in Christian religion, were combined into one thought and one main idea and thus idea of God was created.   This monotheistic idea helped keep the American society together.  It united them under one banner, one God.  This is not saying that monotheism is better than the Gods of ancient Greek and Rome but it is a better way to unite a society and bring them together under a common idea.  It gives people a common standing ground to know that they have something in common with their neighbor even if there outlooks on life are not the same.  This religious thought is a key point in proving those modern days has changed from the past.

Not only the study of religious aspect, but also the morals of the people who are religious were affected. One aspect of morals is proper behavior.  Back when Hammurabi was the leader of Babylon, he had the rule, and eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  If you stole an apple and got caught in the act, you were punished for your crime by having your hand chopped off.  Though the consequences are not as painful to the human body in modern times, we are stilled judged by our actions and they may lead to punishments such as prison, for the more severe crime, and a ticket for minor crimes.  This important system came to America from the Romans and Greeks.  Without this system, crime might be more rampant, and more unsafe to walk down streets for fear of rape or harm to ourselves.  This is why the original laws were important; the foundation of Hammurabi’s Code helped us to become more of a judicial people.  It helped us to become more aware and less susceptible to crime.  This, obviously, had a great impact on American society.

Though the justice system was important, the living styles were one of the most important traits we learned from the Greek / Roman.  Back in their day, they build houses and the Romans were the first to build roads, this important tidbit of information was found on (yes I said tidbit)  Now if the Romans had not built these roads where would American society be?  Just look at the great achievement of building a place for carrots to go and improve travel.  Thought as Americans we have taken everything a bit farther, it still rests upon those hands of the Romans / Greeks who originally started the process.

Through studies of religious effects, morals of people, and studies of their living, we are able to see how ancient thoughts changed to modern day society.  Though the combination of gods, through the laws of the justice system, and through the creation of ideas the Romans have greatly impacted the nations of today.  If it was no for these who came before, we might not even exist today.  And now I’m going to leave u with a final few words by Winston Churchill, it is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.

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