Many Thoughts

Looking up to heaven

seeing the stars in the sky

watching the shooting stars

I wish you were by my side

Walking down the road

to a place i do not know

where the wind will care me

gosh why couldnt we be

Standing over here

out of all harms way

standing to the side

I wish i knew what to say

I only had a chance

i blew that, i know i did

i blew my chance to show

how kind i could have been

So now i am alone

lost in this inner pain

so now i am alone

lost in satan's game

So look to the heavens

and think of me when you can

cause im no longer here

to help you understand

I was lost at sea

and you watched me drown

I told show you my heart

and you turned it down

I dont know what else to do

I have lost the words to say

There is no way to prove

why i feel this way

I know that I could be

someone you could trust

I know that i could show you

the way that love is done

But knowing is half the battle

listening is the other part

it takes two to make a fude

and two to make a start

So now that i have wrote

about how i truely feel

about how my heart is torn

and lost on the field

I feel i can leave you now

bury you in my mind

forget about your presents

and try to go on with time

Life is so short

why do i have to choose

between what is happy

and what i know to do

I dont know how to tell

I have lost the will to speak

I have lost my inner self

I have lost my inner being

So now i think im done

I think its time to go

I think im going to leave

Behind an empty show

So now here is the end

but i only wish it was

I know that it will go

and keep on growing thus

So look into my eyes

and think about the man

who lies behind this pain

and only tries to understand

I wish you would listen

for just once in your life

i wish you would take

that time to find my eyes

They are here, open and just

they are watch, just like they have always done

They wish they wait

they smile they cry

So blue eyes of mine

show the world its time

to leave behind the blue

and transform into red

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know that this is really freaking long but i just needed something to vent my feelings into so /shrug if ya comment on it just know that its many ideas pushed into one poem.

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