Goodbye Everquest

To all my friends in everquest, its finally time i put an end to it.  However this end of my 4 year everquest career does not come by choice.  My college currently has everquest blocked and i was told that they have no thoughts of undoing it.  So i guess its time i hung it up.  Its been a great 4 years i have progressed from Velious to wipes in ssra from there to EP killing that stupid froggy and Fennin, i have walked the path of qvic and texvu and made my way to anguish the death place of clerics.  I walked the path to the demiplane and finally decided that hardcore raiding was ugg.  Then i joined this guild, i was happy when i joined because i had left triality.  I wanted something that maby i could make a difference maby i could help some people out maby i could be a saving grace.  I dont know if i helped, i dont know if my efforts made a difference but i know that i had fun while it lasted.  I really hate that my career must end like this but i cant keep fighting the system, eventually i will fall, my college career is much more important to me than a game but the friends i made on here will be forever in my heart.  I love this game, it gave me something that i couldnt find in my real life, or maby something i was attempting to avoid, i dont know which but each one in this guild, each person i have met had touched me in some way that is beyond me to know.  I only wish that i had more time to get back into the game as i had planned but my plan, as normal, was destoryed.

To grieger I had a great time with you, me and you had a good run, i hope that you can keep it up.  I know your work may make this hard on you, but you make or break people, you inspire them to the fullest and you encourged me when i was about to fade away.  You brought me back to the game you re intreduced me to something that i thought i had lost, but my college over rode you.  I hope you understand that this is not my attempt to quit everquest because i dont want to raid, but that its forced upon me and i cant stop it.  Be good in all you do, for your a great man, and an awsome raid leader.

Good bye everquest, I hope that i helped someone in some way.

Babblin BooHeal 70 Cleric of Validus Proeliatori / Darkest Days

Wedges Isjesus 65 Beastlord of Validus Proeliatori / Darkest Days

Leegoo Darksaber 65 Warrior of Eye of the Deceiver (for those of ya who know him(/snicker Aracon))

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