Im an Idiot

I look into your brown eyes

and with that look i start to cry

your gaze i loved, for many years

is destroyed by him the one you hold dear

I knew it was coming

that you would go to him at last

leaving me stranded

alone at last

I use to care deep

much more than a friend did

but now im frozen in place

consumed by this sin

I wanted you to be with me

to stand by my side

to help me fight it all

and make it to that place in the sky

You left me for him

you didnt even say good-bye

lost in the fears

i created with lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish you would have taken my hints.  My constant glances at you.  The way i wanted you to be by my side always. I was dreaming and because of you i dont know what to do. I hope that you had fun not even  saying good bye.  Im not turning around for you any more, im not going to be your support.  Im not even going to care when he breaks your heart again.  I gave you your chance and blew it. Good Job!!!

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